The Art of Microblading Manual / Book is used for training around the world. Purchase your copy today!

Before performing a microblade procedure, it’s crucial to have the proper training by a reputable teacher at a school and relevant educational material. Being comfortable in the art of microblading is necessary to build a successful business. You’ll want your clients to tell their family, friends and co-workers how much they enjoy their natural eyebrows with natural looking hair strokes and that won’t wash off.

The Art of Microblading Manual has been laid out to be part of the educational materials for schools, as well as beginners and advanced microblade artists. A major part of training is gathering relevant information that can be used as an everyday guide.

Shortcuts in life don’t work! In any trade you need books or manuals that can also be reference guides. The Art of Microblading Manual is just that. Mastering the art of drawing simulated hair strokes, and perfecting how to implant color that will obtain excellent healing results is important which chapter 5 and 6 goes into important tips and details on each of those subjects.

Also marketing is the key to success you will find chapter 8 going in to detail how internet marketing is the 20th century way of marketing your businesses.

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