Learning Permanent Makeup Lip Colors

As a permanent makeup artist it can be confusing trying top pick a color for a clients lips. I am here to tell you it doesn’t have to be. Being a permanent makeup artist for 22 years I have come out with a full fashionable color line for permanent makeup called Custom Cosmetic Colors which makes it easy to choose from. When a person will ask for a cool lip color / pigment, I found my showing a client the color Mauve first than asking a few questions it is pretty eay to narrow the color down to just the right lip color for that person.


Q: Would you like to brighten up the color by adding a lttle Rose Pink?
A: And/or Would you likes to add the color Wine to darken or Light Pink to lighten the color to make it more natural?

Also when a person will ask for a warm color I find 80% of the time they love the colors from my color line Auburn and Coral mixed together or even Mauve and Auburn is a beautiful color when mixed together.

Custom Cosmetic Color has 38 colors specialzing for permanent makeup Brows, Eyeliner and full lip color. Also please check out our other color line and products such as Rich Microbading Colors, The Permanent Makeup Manual and Feel Better Now Topical Anesthetic.

Please call 949-581-2044 or visit our website at Wholesale Tattoo Cosmetics

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