Beautiful Natural Colors for that natural look or for a night with your friends.

Custom Cosmetic Colors has a full range of lip colors that can help enhance the lips and make them appear natural yet fuller if desired. The pigments ( sometimes refereed to as ink ) are specifically created for the everyday person and also popular trends in mind to help make anyone look like a million dollars. Custom Cosmetic Colors are pigments that have been successfully used by some of the top permanent makeup Artists for over 25 years with beautiful outstanding results that last. Custom Cosmetic Colors are formulated with oxide. According to Dr. Zwerling; “ Iron Oxide has been shown to be the safest pigment,” he says.

Here is our famous lip colors

  • Wine
  • Deep Wine
  • Mauve
  • Rose Pink
  • Light Pink
  • Summer Pink
  • Hollywood Lips
  • Perfect Lip Color
  • Miss Natural
  • Plum
  • Red
  • Warm Beauty
  • Coral
  • Indian Earth
  • Orange
  • Red Brown
  • Auburn

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