Eyebrow Microblading

Microblading with Hair Simulation – A natural effect can also be achieved through a permanent makeup application by creating individual, ultra-fine hair strokes, simulating the eyebrows own natural hairs. This procedure can be used to fill in the eyebrows, add shape, thickness, or make an eyebrow for someone who has no eyebrow hair. Microblading is a very popular procedure for brows.

It is important to use the correct colors. Rich Microblade Colors specially created for Microblading eyebrows. They are pigments that are being successfully used by some of the top Permanent Makeup Artists with beautiful outstanding results that last. Rich Microblade Colors are formulated with iron oxide. According to Dr. Zwerling; pigments, like iron oxide, rarely cause allergic reactions. “Iron oxide has been shown to be the safest pigment,” he says. “Anything that is vegetable based, organic, or natural is the most risky. It’s the natural products in vegetables and herbs that can cause horrible allergic reactions”

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